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Programme Offering at Jalan Kembangan

About Us

Our Philosophy & Approach

Play at The Tinker Yard is natural, child-led, unhurried and respectful of the needs of children. The play space is intentionally designed and prepared to offer children beautiful, open-ended materials and experiences full of possibility in an environment that serves as the 3rd teacher - one that nurtures exploration, discovery and creativity.  We aim to inspire a love for learning through play in children.

Join small-group sessions that are set in a cosy and inviting play space where children can engage all senses in exploration, experimentation and creative expression. 

Sessions are available on weekdays, 10am to 12pm. Please contact us to arrange for a visit to our studio. Meet & chat with our play leaders to learn how your child can strive to become a self-motivated, confident and enthusiastic learner.

Paint, draw, collage, stamp, sculpt, glue! 

Our weekly Process Art sessions are open to small groups. Children get to experience different mediums, techniques & tools, enjoy the process of art-making and create totally original works of art.

The Tinker Yard is a maker/play studio that nurtures creativity and inspires invention & innovation where children are encouraged to learn by doing. Children can work on suggested projects or create, tinker and experiment with materials on one of their own during Open Studio time. Facilitators will be around to offer support & guidance when the children need help. 

Review by Parent

We also host after-school clubs for children from 5 to 12 years old. Children will experience the creative process and the joy of making with various materials in a collaborative and welcoming studio environment.

At our studio, children enjoy having artistic freedom while manipulating fun materials and learning new techniques. Projects can be themed or open-ended, and always support children in developing their creative ideas and own lines of enquiry. We often head outside to make art at the neighbourhood park.

To book a spot, please visit

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Thank you for visiting our page. Classes are available weekly except on Public Holidays. Advance booking of spots is required.  Please visit to have an understanding of our philosophy & approach towards play before you book a session.

Please contact us in advance to book a studio visit.

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